L Series Lined Slurry Pump

L Series Lined Slurry Pump

Similar in design to the Schurco® S Series (Warman® AH®), the L Series has the same rugged design features with higher efficiencies. It is offered fully lined with split outer casings.

Schurco Slurry® L Series pumps maintain the ruggedness and slurry handling capacity of the S Series, but with a wider range of flow-rates and lower life-cycle costs. Higher efficiency impellers make the L Series a valuable feature in any plant.

L Series Profile

  • Discharge Diameters 3” to 22” (75mm to 550mm)
  • Heads through 180ft (55m)
  • Flow-rates through 30,000gpm (6,8 00m3/h)
  • Casing pressure tolerance to 250psig (1,725kPa)

Selected Applications

  • ball mill discharge
  • rod mill discharge
  • Ni acid slurry
  • coarse sand
  • coarse tailings
  • phosphate matrix
  • minerals concentrate
  • bottom/fly ash
  • lime grinding
  • oil sands
  • mineral sands
  • fine tailings
  • phosphoric acid
  • coal
  • flotation
  • process chemical
  • pulp and paper
  • FGD
  • wastewater

L Series Features


  • Flow-rate and head delivered at reduced initial and life-cycle costs with greater efficiency over the S series
  • Designed for Class III and below slurries, retaining the ruggedness of a heavy-duty slurry pump

Wetted Parts

  • Impellers – higher efficiency rates (up to 90+ %) – pump out vanes to reduce recirculation within pump, and aid in preventing seal contamination; Impeller clearance is adjustable to maintain efficiency over the life of the part.
  • Liners – Alloy or thick elastomer liners provide superior erosion and corrosion resistance


  • Expeller (Centrifugal Seal) – no external sealing water required where applicable
  • Stuffing Box – flushed gland sealing with braided packing and a lantern ring
  • Mechanical Seals

Bearing Assembly

  • Cartridge-style bearing housing allows for removal from pump and assembly in controlled environment
  • Oversized shaft diameters and reduced overhang in the wet-end contribute to long life and reliability in the field

Interchangeable with Warman® L Series pumps.


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